Monday, November 23, 2009

5 km run/walk for Liberty Children's home

Here was the advert in the Ambergris Daily:
Liberty Children’s Home 5K Walk Fundraiser. MEET IN CENTRAL PARK, San Pedro – juice & muffins @ 10 AM. START WALKING/RUNNING AT 11AM. Celebrate/party when you reach finish line! Central Park to Captain Morgan’s. Proceeds to benefit Liberty Children’s Home – caring for abused, neglected and abandoned children of Belize – located in Ladyville, Belize.

So we all thought: EASY PEASY!

1st off: thanks to all Molly & I's sponsors - between you guys Molly raised exactly 1,030 Belize Dollars (yay). Unfortunately for Molly, she was not in the lead, but dead last.
Most people did the walk/run to Captain Morgan's in 20-40 minutes - it took us 2 1/2 hours!

Our little (drinking) group consisted of Peter (Pedro), Laurie the vet, Matt & Jo from Roadkill, Lara and myself - doggies stopping at every bar on the way with us were Charlie, Jambo, Wassu and of course, Molly. We had a total blast - whilst everyone was jogging their way merrily to the finish, our little group sampled Bloody Marys at Estel's (breakfast of champions) then beer at Patojos, Reef Village, the Palapa Bar, Aji and of course Captain Morgans. By the time we got there at 1.15pm, the party had finished, there was no BBQ left and Forrest had been waiting for us since 11.30! We were very happy by then and so we had some more beers whilst the dogs played "coconuts" off the sea wall. What a great day! We boated back to town where Matt, Jo and I had more drinks at Estel's! Thanks to both of them for driving me home! Well done everyone!Matt & Jo at Estel's

Raising 1,030 BZD by staggering bar to bar!

At Patojo's bar

Charlie and Jambo drinking out of the pool!

Jambo swimming in his large water dish

Lara's new piece of prime real estate!

Wassu and Molly ran down nearly every dock on the way!

Motley Crew....

Not even reached the bridge yet - everyone all smiles

Peter nearly on all fours climbing "Mount Everest" i.e. the bridge. Robbie and Helda cheered us on

Charlie swam under the bridge to get to the Northern part of the island!

Spot the dog - welcoming his pals at Reef Village

Having a beer at Reef Village - thanks JD!

Just keep walking

Sorry, lots of shots of bums and backs of heads!


Is it a mirage? No, it's the Palapa bar!

We bumped into Madame and her 5 dogs - 1 tiny path, 7 people and 9 dogs - it wasn't chaos, honest!

Houses just north of the Palapa bar

Next person we bumped into was Marilyn! She was feeling guilty she hadn't done the walk!

Ahhh bless

Ak Bol


Molly on the dock that doesn't seem to start at the beach and doesn't seem to end anywhere
Wassu on the dock to nowhere

4 very happy dogs

Interesting fish holding pen
Jambo and the barge
I liked the green boards on this house

Soooo sexy auto-portrait

The rain is a coming - we had better duck into a bar half-sharpish!
Everyone in "ACTION" pose!

Damn, we wanted a ride!
AJI! We could see Captain Morgans by now, but decided we needed a drink!

Lara in Aji threatening to sue Bowens as she cut her finger on the diet coke bottle - LOVE THE FACE!

Getting tispy

At Captain Morgans at last! 1.15pm and they have run out of BBQ! Ok, so we were REALLY slow

Jambo eating rubbish from the bin (yes, it's a bad habit but it's always fun watching the vet getting it out of his mouth)
Charlie is convinced there is BBQ

So, we sit on the beach at Cpt Morgans, drinking and chatting happily whilst the dogs played for hours - jumping off the seawall for coconuts

The sun is starting to get lower in the sky - it's time to go home

A big thanks to Cpt Morgans for taking us home (we were probably making their beach look scruffy!) and also thanks for making sure Jo didn't drive the boat back!

Forrest had sailed up to meet us there and to take some of us home on his Hobie "La Colombelle" - however, we realised that would make 8 adults and 4 dogs on a little boat and we would sink! We raced Forrest home and whilst Matt, Jo and I were sitting at Estel's having yet another drink, we saw Forrest go past!

Potlickers Molly and Wassu on the back of the golf cart

and me too - exhausted and happy