Monday, September 29, 2008

Women in Waders

I wouldn't usually post about drivel I found on the internet, but I'm laughing so hard at this one that it's worth sharing. I have just discovered fishing porn! Whilst looking for pictures of galoshers for my last post, I had to type in "waders" (apparently google isn't British) and came up with this - a whole calender called "Women in Waders". Having trouble typing, laughing too much.
BANG - just fallen off chair, sorry.

And doesn't she look so very happy in her waders? Did the photographer ask her to pout like a trout?
Take a good look at the guys behind her in the boat, all muffled up in giant thick shirts and stuff, I hope she got paid well for this, it must have been freezing. I can't believe those guys haven't noticed a girl in a bikini standing in the middle of the river!

The frogs are loving the weather

My garden is full of water, frogs, crabs and wet pets looking slightly miffed off. Basil the cat is not impressed at all, no siree. One paw goes forwards, the other paw goes forwards, first paw gets shaken and steps forwards, second paw gets shaken and steps forwards. Repeat ad nauseum. Nope, not a happy cat at all.
It has been raining in a somewhat biblical style, I keep expecting some type of mahogany ark to float down front street picking up the beach dogs two by two.
I just don't have the courage to go out yet and see customers, I've been sending very important emails and stuff since 8am, but now, 3 hours later, I just can't put off going outside any longer.
Where did I put those galoshers?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Help mum! I'm getting old

Oh woe is me

Crow's feet (with boots on) and a nice grey hair
Me just looking completely insane. I LOVE THIS PHOTO! :)
I'm slowly turning into Dennis Healy

Watch out Sharon

Ha ha! I have lost some weight (not that I should be weighing myself anytime other than Sundays), I am at 51% of my target. At this date, I should be at 68% of it! Watch me drink water and eat veggies! Yahoo, it's all so exciting.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Belize is 27 years old

and what better way to celebrate booting out the British than a huge parade! We all know that San Pedro has a serious parade fetish, and will throw down a block party for any reason. Hey, you can even organise your own parade! You just need to ask the town council and tell the police. This year has been particularly gruelling in the beer consumption department. I'm exhausted and so is my liver. It has been non-stop Thursday to Monday (national hangover day). Happy birthday Belize and thank you for letting me stay. I promise to get fake tatoos of the national flag on my face every year and drink huge amounts of Belikin beer to show how much I like it here. Next year I might even organise a float....For some reason, I have visions of the Sex Pistols and Pedro's Inn all linked into one. Life is never dull.
Pictures to follow - there are so very very many! In the meantime, you can look at Laurie's on if you're having parade withdrawals.

Kirt Cruz - new art gallery

You have all seen Kirt (unless you don't live here of course), usually in a wheelchair someone near Marina's store. He has had to relearn how to do lots of things without mobility, including how to paint left-handed. He's doing really well, I saw him on crutches the other day, and now, even better, he's opened a little art gallery. He's located at Iguana Gardens, opposite the Hummingbird furniture store. Good luck!

Chica going, Chicago, Chica gone

Sharon has left for Chicago. And I can prove it!
I hope she has a fantastic time and eats lots of cake and drinks lots of wine. I have just read her blog (she's been gone a few days already...) and she is doing just that. In case you don't know her blog, it's, she also thinks she's gaining weight, all I can say is that I sincerely hope so, there's money at stake!

Going, going, gone!
Note to Jackie and Lisbon: you can finally have a lie-in, the crazy woman that walks you at 5am has gone on holiday

My new office

I am currently helping Kathy from Caribbean Treasures ( as her sales rep for the island. I have turned the front room into a kind of messy office that I keep trying to rearrange. Basil and Molly think it's just great!
Basil sitting on the laptop (all the damn time, he keeps sending emails to people!)
Molly looking like a giant pansy

Ah snake

I nearly ran over this little thing at the water plant. Wade told me it was a baby boa. I just managed to get a picture of some of it, this little wriggly thing slithered damn fast away from me! It's the black wiggly line in the middle of the leaves.

To be or not to be, Iggy Pop

Is this Iggy Pop or an orange friend? Whichever, he also likes melon and dislikes Molly. He jumped up and down and looked so menacing that Molly actually retreated with her tail between her legs. Mols, you're a giant pansy.

Can't remember which fishing contest

OK, a couple of weeks ago Tacogirl double booked herself and asked me to go to a fishing contest and take some pics. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked by rum and coke in Fido's and forgot. When I remembered, it was dark, most of the fisherman had gone home, someone unknown to me got a prize and I stumbled around docks looking to take pictures of fish. And here they are! Sorry Laurie.

Paul and Iggy Pop

Paul has a new friend, he's called Iggy Pop. He's green, 5ft long and likes melon. He does not like Molly.
Ah, pets and critters, so much fun to watch.

Hey! Some of us are busy!

OK, I'm getting bitchy messages about a serious lack of blogging!
Here is the news, I've been working and partying very hard, therefore I'm tired and grouchy. Oh, and I've also gained weight for the third week running. Very very grouchy. Beware, do not approach and keep all limbs safely in the vehicle.
Luckily, I saw Sharon's blog this morning and that cheered me up no end. Sharon eating cake, Sharon drinking beer, Sharon drinking wine. Racquel, thank you!!!!! I've receded down to 44% of my target weightloss.
If you are a piece of cheese or a glass of wine, don't even come near me, or else!

Monday, September 1, 2008

One hell of a birthday celebration

Thank you to all that braved serious hangovers and having to be at the dock at 10am (even Rudy made it at 10.25....) to spend the day on board the Seaduction Catamaran. Thanks to the guys on board for looking after us. It was a completely perfect day and I loved every second of it. Those of you that came and shared, thank you, you know who you are. Those of you that had your heads stuck down the toilet due to too much Jagermeister at Pedro's on Friday night, you're a bunch of lightweights and have been relegated to the "B" party list. so there. LOL.

We moored at Mexico Rocks for the day and just hung out. I LOVED IT! THANK YOU
Cole in the sail
Fido's dock
Birdie posing
Upsidedown Cole
3 real Pauls and an honorary one from Mexico

On our way to Mexico RocksJim is well surroundedJamilla is hitting the chocolate eggs rather hardHot chicks swimming aroundLook at those munchies! everything was great Cole also hitting the chocolate eggs
Marie showing she's no lightweightDick and Carole turned up, so we gave them a tow!Boating Taco
Julie looking lovelyForrest enjoying the companyAll aboardBirdie steering the boatZippy looking like a top modelMy muppet getting ready to catch more seaweed

Week 8 weigh-in

And another kg come off my butt! I have measured my bits too but Sharon has got the original starting sizes and I can't remember what they are. What I do know is I've lost 3 inches from my waist and I have more energy than Basil the cat hyped on coffee.
So, despite the week of wine and cake (birthdays do that!), all that snorkeling and swimming around kept my weight down. Just worked it out, we're half way through the competition and I'm at 63% of my target weightloss. Mine's a glass of dry white please!