Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it's that time of year again, time to drink too much in honour of my mother.
Well done mum and thank you - I'm very grateful for this weird and wonderful path of life you have sent me out on. By the way, I think you did a great job.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Even if you didn't let me get my ears pierced when I was 13 or let me wear those white stiletto heals I so desperately wanted when I was 14. Yes you were right. Damn, you always are.
A totally lovely day, that started out with another great walk down Mosquito Coast with Maya and Midas, a beautiful day, see the change in the sea colour from yesterday. Maya found a bubble blower in the debris, it worked and she made bubbles all through our walk.
Paul of course totally forgot my birthday, so Maya quickly phoned him when I was leaving her place and returning to mine. He promptly greeted me with a "Happy Birthday Honey" when I arrived - so I asked him:
- "Did Maya phone you?"
- "No, of course not!".
So, I checked his call log on his phone, Maya had indeed phoned him. YOU'RE BOTH BUSTED!
And to Colette and Maya, thank you both for a) waking him up b) reminding him c) organising a great round of drinks at El Divino. You both rock.
So, a day of beach walking, Margaritas and good friends. Oh yes, and some really really unfortunate party pictures. To both Paul and Laurie, I'm sorry, but you did say I could post them.
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..............

Mosquito Coast - 22 August 2007

Here are some pics of walking down south, from meeting Maya and Midas at Royal Palms down to Mosquito Coast. Midas and Molly spent over 2 hours sniffing and running along lots of lovely new beach - especially the "Escalente" beach, which is usually a real mess - now it's big and beautiful. Maya said it nearly reminded her of the beach in Tulum, Mexico. Check out the palapa at the end of the dock at Victoria House. Hardly any damage down south at all. The northern part of the island suffered more than the southern part. Friends who live 6 miles north of town talked about far more property damage than us. Even so, all of us on the island realise just how lucky we were - a cat. 5 hurricane missing us by 60 miles is nothing. Thank you to all of you all over the planet that have wished us well. You know who you are :-)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thank you Coral Cable Vision - I'm back! More Dean pics

OK, due to a slight case of "How can they really be that stupid?", CCV cut my internet connection off because they thought my cable didn't belong to anyone. So I now have connection again, the monster is alive! So, I have back blogs to do - this is quite a weird situation for me, as it's a beautiful day out, Dean has missed us and gone, my birthday has come and gone....and I still have photos to put up of this stuff. So here I go!
Day after Dean

Friday, August 24, 2007

Test Hurricane Dean - Tuesday 21 August 2007 - It's over - a mere breeze

After a pretty much sleepless night and now having turned into a supreme poker champion, we cleaned up the house a little and all went for a walk. We started at Royal Palms and went to Fido's in town. Here are just tons of pictures of that.
MANY MANY THANKS to Don at Crazy Canuks for giving us cold beer (Damn did that ever taste good) at 9.30 am! Even though it was grey, drizzling at some stages and overcast, we all got sunburnt! I'm sorry, but after the beer at Canuks it would appear that I got a raindrop on my camera lens, so all the next pictures along have a splodge on them. That evening I was just exhausted and curled up on the sofa snoozing soundly in front of some fluff on the TV. Paul, thank you for making me dinner and generally pampering me. We made it through hurricane number 3. The docks on this island sort of didn't.
Photos: garden and houses opposite, the lagoon, where did that barge with heavy machinery come from? The lunatic with open arms is my neighbour Bob, we're alive, yay! then walkabout - so many pictures....