Friday, August 31, 2007

Mosquito Coast - 22 August 2007

Here are some pics of walking down south, from meeting Maya and Midas at Royal Palms down to Mosquito Coast. Midas and Molly spent over 2 hours sniffing and running along lots of lovely new beach - especially the "Escalente" beach, which is usually a real mess - now it's big and beautiful. Maya said it nearly reminded her of the beach in Tulum, Mexico. Check out the palapa at the end of the dock at Victoria House. Hardly any damage down south at all. The northern part of the island suffered more than the southern part. Friends who live 6 miles north of town talked about far more property damage than us. Even so, all of us on the island realise just how lucky we were - a cat. 5 hurricane missing us by 60 miles is nothing. Thank you to all of you all over the planet that have wished us well. You know who you are :-)

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