Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things that make me late for work

So I'm rushing around and I think I'll make it into work on time. I bend down to stroke Molly and say "see you later" when that **??!**???!! cat decides my hair would be fun to play with and pounces on me. I am dealing with 2 slashes to the cheek, one to the nose and a split lip. All of which are bleeding very nicely thank you very much.
If you haven't seen Basil in a while and see me walking round town with new black and white fluffy slippers - he deserved it.


A lovely lady called Lydie Allen makes handmade soap with her sister in the Cayo district.
The soap is lovely and is made of saponified oils of Cohune, Coconut, Olive & Soy, rainwater an essential oils. There are no animal by-products or artificial preservatives in her soaps. They make your skin really soft. They look cool and they smell great.
She makes 10 different varieties and 2 different sizes, but can make just about anything to order.
Did you know it takes 3 weeks to make a bar of soap? I didn't - there is a curing and hardening process that takes this length of time.
The different types are Cinnamon Spice, Caribbean Cool, Jungle Splash, Tropical Spice, Soothing Scent, Ginger Burst, Herbal Scents, and my two favourites Lemon/Lavender and Honey Oat.
You can contact Lydie on 824 3100, she is near the Saddleback Grill on Cahel Pech hill in San Ignacio.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Things to know about Belize! FAQ

I keep getting asked questions about Belize from friends far far away.
So, for your general information, and thanks to the 2008 Belize phone book from where I stole all this, here are your answers guys!

The climate of Belize is subtropical with a brisk prevailing wind from the Caribbean Sea. The annual temperature averages about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and rainy season is between June and August - also mosquito season!

It costs 75 Belize cents to send a letter to Europe and 40 cents for a postcard - and it takes weeks and weeks to get there, if it gets there at all.

The electrical system is 110 volts A.C. Brown outs are frequent, you need a surge protector for your computers.

Belize is an independant country with a democratically elected parliamentary government and is a British Commonwealth Member. English is the official language and is widely spoken. Creole, Spanish, Maya and Garifuna are also spoken. I find that most people speak Spanglish.
The population is 311,480 at last count comprising Creoles (African-European), Garifunas (Caribs), Mestizos (Spanish, Indian), Maya, English, Mennonite, Lebonese, Chinese, Eastern Indians and Europeans. Due to racial harmony and religious tolerance, all of these different cultures have blended successfully. Most denominations are represented here, majority being Roman Catholic.

Belize is in time zone GMT-6 (aka US Central Standard), no daylight savings.

And yes, Belize is the size of Wales.... it has an area of 8,866 square miles. It's situated on the east coast of Central America on the Caribbean. It's bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. The second largest barrier reef in the world (185 miles long) falls within the territory as do 3 of the 4 coral atolls in the western hemisphere.

So there it is, for those of you that were too lazy to Google!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Family portrait

If you have any idea how long it took to get these 3 photographs!
Between the camera timer taking ages, a self-concious dog who hates having her picture taken, a wiggly cat, a boyfriend dealing with a wiggly cat trying to smile whilst being scratched to pieces and me trying to run back from turning the timer on - we were exhausted!

So here we have it, my family nucleus - my mum, my man and my silly pets.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A weekend at Victoria House

Thanks to Sharon and Pedro, mum and I were treated to a weekend away! As mum's back was still very bad, we had to go away within walking distance! Off we go to Victoria House! What a fantastic idea, we had a brilliant time. THANKS GUYS!
It must be the first place I've ever been to where they valet parked my muddy, rusty bicycle. Dinner at La Palmilla was gorgeous and the staff were really great. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Our limo to Victoria House

Here we are!
The master bed
The lounge
Starlett on sunlounger
View of pool from our room - day
View of pool from our room - night
Hot chick!
Cheers guys!
Showing off our Victoria House robes