Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Tsunamis please

Well, about an hour ago they put Belize, Honduras, Guatemala on Tsunami watch which they have now lifted. I got a phone call from Chris telling me about the watch and to get to high ground. Got dressed, rounded up pets, passport & "run" money then woke up JH who just thought he was really late for work.
Was just about to go upstairs when the watch got lifted, so I phoned JimJam and Jamilla to double check. They gave me the all clear.
So mum and Jan (JH's mum): we're fine and we're going back to bed. Oh, JH beat me to it, he's already asleep. Obviously the threat of impending doom and natural disaster was small in his mind!

Did the earth move for you?

We've just had an earthquake.
It's 2.30 am and Chiapas Mexico got hit with a 4.9 and Honduras with a 7.1.
The wardrobe bashing against the wall and the barking dogs is what woke me up.
I just stood there like an idiot for about 25 seconds looking at the wardrobe hit the wall, trying to make sure I wasn't either drunk or hallucinating.
Grabbed a jacket and went to check on John-Henry when it all stopped. Of course, JH didn't wake up!
Basil is now being super cuddly, constantly miaowing and I can't get him off me. Molly was barking at the furniture whilst hiding behind me.
Here is a link to the Mexican quake.

and the Honduran one

I filled out the "Did you feel it" questionnaire on the earthquake website.
Other people I know who felt it here (who are also addicted to Facebook) Lara, Dorian, Dan and a couple of others - we all had the same reaction, get on the computer to make sure we wern't the only ones who felt it!
My guess is we felt the Honduran one.
Dan made a good point, the power didn't go out for an earthquake but it did for a golf cart crash!
Good night all.