Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did the earth move for you?

We've just had an earthquake.
It's 2.30 am and Chiapas Mexico got hit with a 4.9 and Honduras with a 7.1.
The wardrobe bashing against the wall and the barking dogs is what woke me up.
I just stood there like an idiot for about 25 seconds looking at the wardrobe hit the wall, trying to make sure I wasn't either drunk or hallucinating.
Grabbed a jacket and went to check on John-Henry when it all stopped. Of course, JH didn't wake up!
Basil is now being super cuddly, constantly miaowing and I can't get him off me. Molly was barking at the furniture whilst hiding behind me.
Here is a link to the Mexican quake.

and the Honduran one

I filled out the "Did you feel it" questionnaire on the earthquake website.
Other people I know who felt it here (who are also addicted to Facebook) Lara, Dorian, Dan and a couple of others - we all had the same reaction, get on the computer to make sure we wern't the only ones who felt it!
My guess is we felt the Honduran one.
Dan made a good point, the power didn't go out for an earthquake but it did for a golf cart crash!
Good night all.

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