Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've been putting this off

OK, most of you know by now, Paul has decided that he is not happy and has to go his own way. It's been a sad few weeks and I didn't have the courage to actually write that down. However, I'm hearing all sorts of rubbish going round, which is one of the downfalls of living on a small island. So there is the news. So now it's the new adventures of just the one muppet. Keep posted, I'm sure I will start being silly again in the near future. Patience my friends, and I will get my laughter back with your help.

Monday, February 23, 2009

News update

Hello everyone, well, life definitely changes and this week has been no exception. I have no photos as my camera batteries have died and I don't have time to go get some more.
Mum has landed safe and sound and will be here for about 6 weeks, I'm so pleased she's here.
Mum and I are living next to each other as I am at Jack's and she is staying with the Tacos - there is just a garden fence seperating us - so in true Belizean style, they installed a ladder on each side of the fence and mum and I hoik over the fence in the morning to see each other. Definately much easier to do in the morning than in the dark after a few glasses of wine!
The Lime has taken a more steady rhythm and is proving to be a busy little breakfast and lunch spot. After all of everyone's hard work down there, we are now starting to be able to relax a little and actually enjoy our work rather than running round like headless chickens!
Even though it seems to be raining during the night, the days are beautiful and Molly is loving spending her days at the beach with mum, still obsessing over coconuts!
I shall post some piccies asap

Love to all

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Upside down

Hello all - sorry about the lack of stuff, but life has gone twilight zone on me.
All is well and fine and I shall post far more in the coming weeks.
Sharon and I are working all the hours on the planet but the Lime is doing well. We're grubby, grouchy and rather proud of ourselves.
Molly is sitting behind me fast asleep from our sunrise walk this morning, and even though I hosed her down with shampoo when we got back, she still smells of the dead fish she rolled in. Lovely.
Basil is getting chubby and has turned into a complete giant pansy since my return from "Cindy's European Tour". He was always a psychotic killing kitty - now he lets me rub his tummy, that is a complete first.
Love to all

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not enough time to pee

Hello boys and girls - sorry, I'm completely swamped and don't have time to do this right now - it's all so very exciting! Sharon and I have taken over the Lime Bar & Grill and the Tour Center - we're knackered, dusty and happy.
Tons of posts to follow shortly - have cried out for help so it looks like mum is on her way back! (I don't have any clean clothes and the washing up is overflowing - and she's the best cleaner I know).
Sharon's mum has already been on her hands and knees cleaning the toilet so it's only fair that my mum joins in too.
Love to all
a very tired limey