Monday, November 17, 2008

Paul feeds Molly

On occasion, Paul actually feeds Molly dog food instead of just anything on his plate.
I saw this cartoon and this is what I witness when he thinks I can't see/hear him.
This seriously made me chuckle.

And for all of us animal lovers that have moved to this strange little island in the middle of nowhere......

No truer words were spoken.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Casa Picasso open night

Oh woe is me. Being forced to attend the Casa Picasso restaurant's open night for hotel concierges and front desk ops. There have to be some super perks to being a concierge, and this is one of them!
Jen delighted us with fruity mojito tastings and super tapas.
Once again, it's a tough job but somebody has to do it!
It was very tasty, I love that Papaya Salsita, and the mojitos were mixed to perfection.
Thanks Jen! I loved the evening - and your hair looks great :-)
Sharon and Jen My first mojito - unfortunately for my head the next morning, a few followed it

The boys mixing up a storm of mojitos: watermelon, mango, pineapple, original.....why does my head hurt?

Double whammy - Tom Cruise eat your heart out
Sharon and her watermelon one
Papaya salsita, chorizo and shrimp ceviche. Did I mention that this was great?

Kirt and Karen also enjoying Jen's hospitality

Wine, spiders and friends

These three things make for a lovely afternoon "at work".
It was just one afternoon with a break in the rain a couple of weeks ago. We shot to the beach with a couple of bottles of wine. After a while, we rang Premium Wines and got them to deliver a half case more. Then some spiders turned up. Then dogs. Then children. It was a tough day at the office I can tell you!

A change in the weather

At last, now that Paloma has left and the remnants are just hovering over Cuba, the rain has stopped.
It really did rain for nearly 7 weeks straight.
I'm currently sitting at the Catamaran Bar whilst Paul is filming and the sunshine is bright, hot and just lovely.
Just a reminder, here's what it looks like when it's raining all the time.
This was a Sunday spent at Crazy Canuks, playing in the rain.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Club Med - here is my 4 day holiday (WARNING: may contain Speedos)

And yes, you all know I had a great time and embraced the whole Club Med concept at 110%.

I joined in nearly all the activities, enjoyed the beach and the sunshine (amazing, there was sun in Cancun) and the all-inclusive food and drink.
I can safely say that I pigged out on wine, cheese, sushi and artichokes!
We had a fantastic time. The whole reason we went there was to see JB - my brother's girlfriend's son, who is the sound engineer there.
The place was beautiful, I had never been to the hotel zone in Cancun before, and even though I could see other huge resorts next door and along the beach, I still loved it.
The staff were outstanding and my room was lovely.
Here are some really really terrible pictures. I'm sure my brother will phone me pretty soon and yell at me to get those pictures off the internet. LOL.
And, happy birthday to Alain, he is 50 today! I can't believe my brother is now officially an old fart. The reason for our visit - JB and his mum Ann-Marie
Unlike San Pedro, a real beach! yippppeeeeeeeeeA tribute to Baywatch - the "Hoff" can move over.
The lifeguard left his post for 5 minutes - that is obviously more than enough time for a member of my family to be a complete pratt. It was very funny, especially when he couldn't get back down and the lifeguard was walking back.
All good lifeguards smoke whilst on duty

You have to be French to fully appreciate just how funny this bracelet is now. The D turned into a C. I finally cut it off yesterday as I cannot walk around Banyan Bay with a "Club Mec" tag on.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eureka! A tomato

At last! Paul has been stealing my eyeshadow brush to pollinate the tomato flowers, and it worked! We have one teeny tiny bump - it's a tomato!
And when I looked this morning, there's another one! So despite his hangover, my man ran to the bathroom, rooted through my makeup bag, found the brush and started his morning pollination routine. That's why all my eyeshadow looks yellow. Then he started talking to the plants with no flowers and told them that they were lightweights and that had better produce flowers "or else".
I'm now convinced that
a) Paul is loopy and
b) I have tomato plants shaking in their pots.

EUREKA! (well it was a great discovery for me!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

All work and no play

makes Cindy a very tired bunny.
Somebody asked me to work an extra night job! HA!
I am trying so hard to fit in some time and upload all those photographs of fun: Cancun, Playa, Halloween etc - I just can't quite make it yet.
Next week should be the blogging week. See you then. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, November 3, 2008

All hallows eve (that's Halloween to you)

a.k.a. the PimpNho party at Pedro's Inn.
What a night, I think! I was pretty blitzed when I arrived at work. Decided to dress Paul up as Britney Spears for the party, but then after a couple of glasses at wine at lunchtime, I decided to steal his costume.
It was a damn good party and the costumes were stunning. Well done to my neighbour who scored first prize for being the mac daddy of mac daddies.
I'm sure there are some photos somewhere, and shall get those posted.
In the meantime, check out Sharon's blog or
it was a hoot

Here are the pictures. They are what they are: a bunch of drunken hooligans in costumes having a great night out!
Laurie is the winner- fantastic!
The two Pauls being pimped

Walter's tonsils

no comment!

The electrifying Helda on the right, also a winner

Hannah Montana. Are you sure Richard?


Oh dear, just who do we think we are? Oh yes, I remember - Britney Spears on the left and Morticia on the right
Thanks again to Ruth for making the pair of us ready for the Halloween party

Sorry mum
Twinkle toes does his stuff and impresses Britney Spears (photo stolen from Tacogirl's blog)