Saturday, April 25, 2009

Double Whammy - Happy Birthday Paul and Jeff

Well for a pair of birthday boys some smart arse decided to organise a SUNRISE cruise. Yep folks, that means be at the dock at 4.30 am on a Saturday morning. Are you kidding me?
2 birthday boys and 8 valiant friends made it there - some already drunk and some joining them very quickly.
Elito the Captain was completely fab, can't say enough good about him.
We had a blast and I must admit it's pretty strange to be drinking so very early in the morning, but we soon got the hang of it! Practice makes perfect!Birthday boys
It's light but we're waiting for the sun
Peeking through
Carol, Dick and Walter
Here comes the sun!

The nappers...

Those who slept a little the night before

Captain Elito and Walter
Elito chilling out
Oh yes, it really had been a heavy night for some of us

I swear it's that way

Walter taking over command

The two birthday boys and myself giggling and drinking up front

Jeff rescuing the life buoy - when it went over, Zac aptly yelled "life preserver overboard, throw it a man"
Elito looking lost - where the hell were we anyway?
Lara, birthday day 1 and myself with a beer in hand
Birthday boys

Walter and Giovani
Me, Jeff, Dick and Carole
Back at the dock - the party continued...we're not completely smashed - honest!
One of the birthday boys doesn't remember getting off the boat....
Jeff rescuing anything that floats

Completely fab day - I really don't know how we did it but it was great. Can tell stories of bottles of champagne at Caribbean Villas, dogs in pools, passing out, bed parties watching star wars and attacking El Divino for dinner and a red wine attack. My poor body!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I cannot believe it!

Never trust your best friend who created your blog to then DESTROY the password. I can't believe he hijacked my blog - THIS REALLY IS WAR NOW!!@!!
And no, those are not my armpits! Those that know me, you know!

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold

Feel the burn!

Help! Tacoboy has declared war! He got a real healthy sunburn on Saturday at Caribbean Villas! Those little legs of his are all he was showing Phil and I how bad his sunburn was yesterday at Sharon's BBQ - and Phil (YES PHIL - NOT ME) slapped his thigh. Oh the pain! His little face crumpled at the pain!
Anyway - we drink some more beers, threw each other in the pool, had a blast. Then I MIGHT have poked or slapped his thigh...
I am now getting threatening texts about his revenge seeking.
Also, he plotting his revenge publicly on Facebook - so keep posted, I think this little war may last a looooong time.
This is going to be fun, you don't declare war against me and expect to win!
Paul remember: I already left bite marks on your arm and bust some ribs the last couple of times....

By the way, I think it may be time to shave my underarms... what do you all think?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The safe return of Jeeves

Well, for those of you that did not follow the whole "Who kidnapped Jeeves" bit over Facebook, here is a quick summary. Jeeves is the giant butler that stands outside Sweet Basil - he disappeared on April Fool's day....and wasn't seen for nearly a week. There was much speculation as to who had him, what their ransom demands were and where the hell he was!
He was found nearly a week later - I must admit, it was tons of fun looking for him. Welcome back!

Bad behaviour with Jeeves, but we missed him!

Jam session was packed - an a special appearance by Eminem....

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well here is the introduction of John Henry. This young man will be staying with me for a little while as he is learning to dive here. I have known this munchkin since he was knee high to a grasshopper and was very surprised to see him after all these years and I think he's 6'2"! I have now nicknamed him the Beast and he really is quite humorous to be around in the morning.
This young lad did warn me that it is difficult to wake him once asleep. It took me three tries to get him off my bed last night where he passed out at 8pm whilst checking his emails....
Welcome to San Pedro!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Off to the Split

Well even three of us had a heavy night before, even entering the realms of Jaguars.... we made it to Caye Caulker for the day, and what a beauty of a day it was. Sun, sea, sand - and of course a catamaran full of hard partying people. Happy birthday Jewels!

Mum splashing around with Molly

And here are the very drunk people we found at the Lazy Lizard

And three idiots