Monday, April 13, 2009

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold

Feel the burn!

Help! Tacoboy has declared war! He got a real healthy sunburn on Saturday at Caribbean Villas! Those little legs of his are all he was showing Phil and I how bad his sunburn was yesterday at Sharon's BBQ - and Phil (YES PHIL - NOT ME) slapped his thigh. Oh the pain! His little face crumpled at the pain!
Anyway - we drink some more beers, threw each other in the pool, had a blast. Then I MIGHT have poked or slapped his thigh...
I am now getting threatening texts about his revenge seeking.
Also, he plotting his revenge publicly on Facebook - so keep posted, I think this little war may last a looooong time.
This is going to be fun, you don't declare war against me and expect to win!
Paul remember: I already left bite marks on your arm and bust some ribs the last couple of times....

By the way, I think it may be time to shave my underarms... what do you all think?

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