Saturday, April 4, 2009

St Patricks party at Sweet Basil

OK, I don't care that it's already April and I'm waaaaaay behind on this stuff! I've been a busy bunny!
Nothing to say, lots of fun and the party got started in the early afternoon, I didn't get there til 9ish, which meant I have some fantastic "unfortunate party shots" in my camera of rather partied-out friends, and will promise here and now to my friends that I will not publish them unless I get really broke! Then the blackmailing will begin...

Tyler being a super MC

Jewels and her Jello shots
My favourite pic, Scott from the Palapa Bar
Check out those Shamrocks!
Lori won the FOTHS raffle - well done girl
Piper down! one of the BATSUB soldiers is overkegged out
Oh dear, make fun of the drunk guy
I swear Madam was singing Flower of Scotland to him!
His face says it all
What a lovely couple
Jewels, Jules and Tanya
Jewels taking a time out on the cooler

A pure unadulterated Walter attack

Michelle drinking beer out of a tube? I say!
Sharon looks unimpressed with her Walter attack
Jeff giving Walter an oh-so needed beer
I'm not drunk!

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