Sunday, November 9, 2008

Club Med - here is my 4 day holiday (WARNING: may contain Speedos)

And yes, you all know I had a great time and embraced the whole Club Med concept at 110%.

I joined in nearly all the activities, enjoyed the beach and the sunshine (amazing, there was sun in Cancun) and the all-inclusive food and drink.
I can safely say that I pigged out on wine, cheese, sushi and artichokes!
We had a fantastic time. The whole reason we went there was to see JB - my brother's girlfriend's son, who is the sound engineer there.
The place was beautiful, I had never been to the hotel zone in Cancun before, and even though I could see other huge resorts next door and along the beach, I still loved it.
The staff were outstanding and my room was lovely.
Here are some really really terrible pictures. I'm sure my brother will phone me pretty soon and yell at me to get those pictures off the internet. LOL.
And, happy birthday to Alain, he is 50 today! I can't believe my brother is now officially an old fart. The reason for our visit - JB and his mum Ann-Marie
Unlike San Pedro, a real beach! yippppeeeeeeeeeA tribute to Baywatch - the "Hoff" can move over.
The lifeguard left his post for 5 minutes - that is obviously more than enough time for a member of my family to be a complete pratt. It was very funny, especially when he couldn't get back down and the lifeguard was walking back.
All good lifeguards smoke whilst on duty

You have to be French to fully appreciate just how funny this bracelet is now. The D turned into a C. I finally cut it off yesterday as I cannot walk around Banyan Bay with a "Club Mec" tag on.

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