Thursday, April 24, 2008


A lovely lady called Lydie Allen makes handmade soap with her sister in the Cayo district.
The soap is lovely and is made of saponified oils of Cohune, Coconut, Olive & Soy, rainwater an essential oils. There are no animal by-products or artificial preservatives in her soaps. They make your skin really soft. They look cool and they smell great.
She makes 10 different varieties and 2 different sizes, but can make just about anything to order.
Did you know it takes 3 weeks to make a bar of soap? I didn't - there is a curing and hardening process that takes this length of time.
The different types are Cinnamon Spice, Caribbean Cool, Jungle Splash, Tropical Spice, Soothing Scent, Ginger Burst, Herbal Scents, and my two favourites Lemon/Lavender and Honey Oat.
You can contact Lydie on 824 3100, she is near the Saddleback Grill on Cahel Pech hill in San Ignacio.

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Sharon Scanlon said...

I had the chance to buy this wonderful product in the gift shop at the Turtle Inn in Belize. I was impressed with the smell the moment I picked up the soap. This soap is mild on your skin, but has a bold scent that leaves you smelling fresh all day long. I love it and want to know how to purchase it here in the states.