Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great day at Mata Rocks

Hello again, I finally caved in and asked some friends over that blog on a daily basis using blogspot (that's the same thingy I'm trying to do) to get some help with this. It's a miracle, I'm not as daft as thought! There seem to be some formatting glitches concerning blogspot and the Mac I use. So I shall try to remedy that, maybe changing to IBlog. Anyway....Paul and I went to the beach the other day to walk Molly for 1/2 hour. We ended up spending 6 hours there, catching sardines, not catching fish (but trying really hard) and drinking the odd Belikin beer.
So, as I can't get the photos and captions to go where I desire, all the photos are just in a muddle! You can work it out!
You will see Midas (Maya and Colette's little black dog), the Mata Rocks resort and bar, the beach, Paul, Rudy, Molly (Daddy's Princess) and of course, Basil - my cat who is always impeccably dressed in a tuxedo.
I shall post again soon, hopefully with some kind of organisation!
Love to all. For those of you that live on the island, enjoy the rain today! It's cool and you can cycle along without eating 2kg of dust!

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Two Button Jimmy said...

God, I MISS you Two. This damn Phoenix heat is killing me...and this working stuff...who invented it anyway?