Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Garden and rainy season

Well here are some photos that are pretty jumbled up really. These are just what I did yesterday. I woke up really early and decided to take some pictures of the sunrise. I have a new camera and am playing with it constantly to try to learn it correctly, and I'm driving my entourage mad. Even Basil the cat is looking at me strange each time I poke the lens in his face. So, full of good intentions, I'm up ridiculously early and of course it's pouring with rain. It rained so hard all night that my bedroom flooded, the water came in under the door!
I decided to take pictures anyway and that's when I realised that the millions of mosquitoes recently arrived thanks to this burst of rain were very very hungry indeed. I'm sorry, I fled to the kitchen for fried eggs and coffee. You'll get your sunrise pictures next week!
So, in no specific order whatsoever, here are pictures of the rainy dawn, my garden deck, the kitchen sink in the garden (full of chives, tomatoes and aloe vera), a blue bucket with mint in it and a few shots of when I went down the beach. As you can see, Molly still has OCD (Obsessive Coconut Disorder). Midas showing her beautiful teeth. Oh yes, and my company vehicle....

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Two Button Jimmy said...

Rain....What's that like? Here in the Valley it only sneaks in when no one is watching.