Friday, August 24, 2007

Test Hurricane Dean - Tuesday 21 August 2007 - It's over - a mere breeze

After a pretty much sleepless night and now having turned into a supreme poker champion, we cleaned up the house a little and all went for a walk. We started at Royal Palms and went to Fido's in town. Here are just tons of pictures of that.
MANY MANY THANKS to Don at Crazy Canuks for giving us cold beer (Damn did that ever taste good) at 9.30 am! Even though it was grey, drizzling at some stages and overcast, we all got sunburnt! I'm sorry, but after the beer at Canuks it would appear that I got a raindrop on my camera lens, so all the next pictures along have a splodge on them. That evening I was just exhausted and curled up on the sofa snoozing soundly in front of some fluff on the TV. Paul, thank you for making me dinner and generally pampering me. We made it through hurricane number 3. The docks on this island sort of didn't.
Photos: garden and houses opposite, the lagoon, where did that barge with heavy machinery come from? The lunatic with open arms is my neighbour Bob, we're alive, yay! then walkabout - so many pictures....

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