Friday, August 17, 2007

Hurricane Dean - Friday 17 August 2007

Good morning to all. My friends and family in the FWI are fine, the worst of the hurricane is over for them and they are all safe. THANK YOU. It seems this morning on the weather tracking stuff that it may move a little north before it comes to us. Today is a full day of running around getting stuff done. Here is the map of Dean right now.
We are having slight trouble with the builders on the roof of our house who believe that all the plywood sheets should be used to protect the building work upstairs instead of the windows downstairs and the human life within - sometimes I do wonder! Anyway, Paul is up there now doing the necessary stuff. I may have to zoom upstairs and start translating for them. Paul's Spanish is so-so, and the builders' English is about the same.
Speak later.

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