Monday, August 6, 2007

It's not my fault, it's my first day

I have no idea how to do this blogging thingy, I'm just used to reading other peoples'! So bear with me, hopefully after much fiddling about and swearing, I should come up with something!
I just want to show all of you that are far away what I get up to.
As it says on that wonderful local T-shirt - "Where is Belize?" ----- "Who the hell cares!"
So, this is my Belize.

This is the view from my garden

Crocodile in my garden, enjoying the rain

This is Molly (Daddy's Princess)

Muppets on boat

Nice sunset at the Palapa Bar

Right, I'm now officially very annoyed that I can't get the photos to go where I want, and the captions are all over the place. And I want to change colours and things.
I have decided to storm off in a huff, have a rum and plant some mango seeds until I calm down. Then I'll phone a geek I know.....


Exploring Belize Continues said...

Fabulous dahlinks fabulous. Now what will happen is we'll never visit eachother need as we can just read eachother's blogs. xx Colette & Maya

Froukje said...

WOW! This all looks great! Hope you are both doing good. I am! xxx Froukje

Mark said...

hehehe you've been spotted as one lady bug said to his neighbour cow. Hope you are doing as fine as I am, Bali is fantastic, but it looks like that little island of yours is not to bad either. cracking (not anymore LOL) Mark