Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hurricane Dean - Thursday 16 August 2007

And here we go again.........
When we were living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, we went through 2 hurricanes - Emily in July 2005, category 3 and Wilma in Ocotber 2005 category 5. We know hurricanes are a very real part of life in the Caribbean. I was just hoping we'd have another year off!
As it is hurricane season (June to November), we all dutifully monitor the weather websites - and yesterday we saw it. At this moment in time it's heading straight for us. We still have days to go before it reaches Belize. I have friends and family in the French West Indies who will most definately be hit in the next 36 hours. They are in Guadeloupe and Martinique and I wish them well, safety and love.
I'm trying very hard not to run around like a headless chicken. I have lists. Sub-lists. White boards. More lists. Check lists. Paper lists. Computer lists. Armed with my lists (which of course I forgot and left at home), I borrowed a golf cart (thanks Jock) and zoomed into town with 300 dollars. I spent every penny at SuperBuy, the beautiful purple supermarket (cough cough) in town and got hurricane supplies (rum and pet food). I got picked up by a friend in another golf cart later and bought some more supplies. I started watching the weather channel. I then bought another 20 gallons of fresh drinking water from Crystal. I've bleached the fridge and defrosted the freezer. I made some more lists. Paul is looking for drill bits, is generally being very busy with tools and mumbling at door jambs and things. He's giving me things to add to my lists. I have checked all my torches - I now own 6 of them, 2 of which is are scuba torches. I left France 3 years ago with 1 torch....where do they come from?
I shall keep posting random ramblings until they turn the power off in the country. If they do. Hopefully, Dean will change direction and then we can just have a very very large party, if that is the case, you will probably hear that huge sigh of relief in Europe.
Love to all

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Sandra said...

Hope Hurricane Dean blows itself out before it gets to you. Love your blog. Bon courage.xx