Monday, September 1, 2008

One hell of a birthday celebration

Thank you to all that braved serious hangovers and having to be at the dock at 10am (even Rudy made it at 10.25....) to spend the day on board the Seaduction Catamaran. Thanks to the guys on board for looking after us. It was a completely perfect day and I loved every second of it. Those of you that came and shared, thank you, you know who you are. Those of you that had your heads stuck down the toilet due to too much Jagermeister at Pedro's on Friday night, you're a bunch of lightweights and have been relegated to the "B" party list. so there. LOL.

We moored at Mexico Rocks for the day and just hung out. I LOVED IT! THANK YOU
Cole in the sail
Fido's dock
Birdie posing
Upsidedown Cole
3 real Pauls and an honorary one from Mexico

On our way to Mexico RocksJim is well surroundedJamilla is hitting the chocolate eggs rather hardHot chicks swimming aroundLook at those munchies! everything was great Cole also hitting the chocolate eggs
Marie showing she's no lightweightDick and Carole turned up, so we gave them a tow!Boating Taco
Julie looking lovelyForrest enjoying the companyAll aboardBirdie steering the boatZippy looking like a top modelMy muppet getting ready to catch more seaweed


tacogirl said...

That was a fantastic day - so much fun - glad we are on the "A" list and were not kissing the porcelain bowl from too much jager the night before.

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Wot no posts since then what u been doing? All good here safe n sound catch you later lol