Monday, September 29, 2008

The frogs are loving the weather

My garden is full of water, frogs, crabs and wet pets looking slightly miffed off. Basil the cat is not impressed at all, no siree. One paw goes forwards, the other paw goes forwards, first paw gets shaken and steps forwards, second paw gets shaken and steps forwards. Repeat ad nauseum. Nope, not a happy cat at all.
It has been raining in a somewhat biblical style, I keep expecting some type of mahogany ark to float down front street picking up the beach dogs two by two.
I just don't have the courage to go out yet and see customers, I've been sending very important emails and stuff since 8am, but now, 3 hours later, I just can't put off going outside any longer.
Where did I put those galoshers?

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