Monday, September 22, 2008

Belize is 27 years old

and what better way to celebrate booting out the British than a huge parade! We all know that San Pedro has a serious parade fetish, and will throw down a block party for any reason. Hey, you can even organise your own parade! You just need to ask the town council and tell the police. This year has been particularly gruelling in the beer consumption department. I'm exhausted and so is my liver. It has been non-stop Thursday to Monday (national hangover day). Happy birthday Belize and thank you for letting me stay. I promise to get fake tatoos of the national flag on my face every year and drink huge amounts of Belikin beer to show how much I like it here. Next year I might even organise a float....For some reason, I have visions of the Sex Pistols and Pedro's Inn all linked into one. Life is never dull.
Pictures to follow - there are so very very many! In the meantime, you can look at Laurie's on if you're having parade withdrawals.

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