Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mum's gone fishin' and happy birthday David

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, and Bob came up and said "get ready, we're going fishing!" - so we hurtled around the house, packing up champagne, rum punch and beer. Then we remembered the fishing rods and life jackets.
Zac, Bob, Paul, Mum and I jumped in the boat and we were off looking for this new fishing spot Bob had heard of.
We never found it, never caught any fish and to top it off, we got lost in the dark on the way home! A fantastic afternoon was had by all and we made it home safe and sound!
Mum - thanks for bringing the champagne, no better place to drink it than floating round the lagoon! Cheers to David's birthday!!!!
Here's the pics.
Leaving our house
Lagoon side
Captain Bob checking the anchor
Paul, Bob & Zac
Unhappy women
Paul & Zac
Add Bob
Ditch Bob
Add Bob
The "unfortunate party photo" sequence
Oh dear.....
Fuzzy sunset

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