Saturday, March 1, 2008

Valentine's day sunset cruise (aka the booze cruise...)

What a giggle. Grab a pile of friends, put on boat, add beer.
The sunset cruise on board of Seaduction is becoming a firm favourite with us all. Here is the one from Valentine's day.
Ian was voted King Muppet: the instructions to all were, 4.45pm at Belize Yacht Club pier on board the large white catamaran.
At 5pm, we're all on the boat and still waiting for Ian. As we seem to be drinking at a much faster rate than anticipated, we phone Ian to ask him to bring more beer to the boat, but he tells us he's already on the boat! Great, but we can't find him. Everyone is searching but no Ian. We phone him back, he's already at sea and we're still moored - he's got on the wrong catamaran with a wedding party all in their sixties. The two captains radio each other and a changeover is agreed upon at sea. Ian makes a bold deathdefying leap from one catamaran to another and is now hailed as the new James Bond.
Move your butts! Opening the main sail

Hot Chicas!

I missed the sunset!
RCI crew
Oh dear, stop the beer

Pensive Forrest
Who let Rudy drive?
Francisco talks about the one that got away
Ian does his James Bond style death leap
Telling Ian he's a muppet
Hot chicas again!

Mum's "Titanic" imitation
Mum's first attempt at using a digital camera - fantastic job if you're into knees!
At Crazy Canuk's after the cruise

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