Thursday, March 5, 2009


Mum and I having dinner at Jack's. Can't believe I got grounded, look at those bottles of wine in front of mum! Maybe I should ground her...

When I lived at Jack's lovely little appartment next to the Tacoshack, mum and I would visit via the garden fence, as, of course, she was staying at the Tacoshack.
Jack, Rick and Gary (my roomies) learnt a new term: hoik.
Now these guys are "hoiking" all over the place....
Here is mum in full hoik over the fence

Where'd she go?


rump shaker said...

cindy thanks for taking care of my money,identification,and keys while i snorkeled!you are a dear,can't wait to come back
BIG HUGS from courtney sage

Michele in Playa said...

Big hugs fro you and your Mum. Are you still grounded?