Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blue Hole dive with Amigos del Mar

And the day starts with JH slightly hungover - it's 4.45 a.m. and I am trying to herd catsHere is the view from my balcony at 5a.m.
Waiting to head out - breakfast on boardJH continues doing what he knows bestThis is Ian, a guest at Pedro's Hotel - it's thanks to him that we will be seeing underwater photos - THANKS IAN!After just over 2 hours of boat ride (just about everyone snoozed at some stage) we arrive at the Blue Hole - all of us have been picking at the breakfast table on board constantly!Everyone getting ready to dive - I still couldn't believe how organised the boat was - not bad seeing as there were 25 sleepy but excited divers on board. Mike here did a great job. It's not easy when 20 or so people are asking "where are my fins" at the same time!

Yep, real sharks with big teeth - we saw Caribbean Reef Sharks and Bull Sharks. My favourite quote comes from Alice "I was bricking it" - all you brits out there know what that means!


On Half Moon Caye after our second dive at Half Moon Wall
This is where we stopped to have a great lunch, explore the island and the bird santuary

Yep, I have something to say about the Booby birds....

Here we see the birds - walking through the forest to the santuary resembled a chicken coop to the nose! and then one of the *@#!? birds pooed on my arm!

It even rained a little as we were leaving the island, very refreshing

The third dive at the Aquarium is complete - time for Panti Rippas...
Mike definitely not a light handed rum pourer!

OK - so I fell asleep on the ride home - who wouldn't after that rum! Thanks to everyone in the boat who thought it was really funny to surround me in shoes. They were just about to start surrounding me in regs and BCDS when I woke up
JH was grinning like a Chesire Cat - for once it wasn't him having silly pictures taken of him asleep in public places!
I would like to say a HUUUUUGE thank you to everyone at Amigos del Mar - their boat, staff and equipment were excellent. The guys knew their stuff, were professional and lots of fun too.
A great day out.
P.S. Thanks to the Dolphins for coming to see us on the way there!


Ruthie said...

Great post. Felt like I was there! Hi to JH, too.

Colette said...

Hurrah. It looks like so much fun I could even bear to do it although I'm not sure I'm up to bricking it myself. xx Colette