Friday, November 9, 2007

I promise to blog this weekend!

Honest mum!
Until then, Laurie traces our every footstep on a daily basis, catch our lives at
Copy it into your browser and hey presto! juslikthat - photos of us!
Copy out 100 times: I must blog this weekend
I must blog this weekend
I must blog this weekend.....


tacogirl said...

Ha Ha you will be to busy doing hammock time and gringos gone wild to blog.

Alan said...

Yo Cindy!
How's tricks? I was doing a wee bit of Googling on a Sunday eve (as you do), and came across where, lo and behold, someone called tacogirl knew you and Paul well. Found this utterly bizarre to start with, but somehow I'm not surprised. (You should have heard all this by now from tacogirl, with any luck.)

Anyhoo, I've been researching about heading to Belize in a month or so's time with a mate - him for a few weeks, me for an as yet undetermined timeframe - but gotta escape the cold European winter in any case, ya know?

Happy to hear you're esconced in Belize these days, hope life is treating you both well, and that you're enjoying the Gringos Gone Wild bash right now!

Give Paul my best wishes please and with any luck might just see you both around Xmas...
Bye4now, Alan

PS - I gave my email addy to tacogirl to pass on to you... got it?