Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sandbanks on the western side

This was an excellent day trip out to the north-west side of the island while Mark was here on holiday. Dick picked us up in the "Miss Carole" at 10ish on Saturday morning after a very heavy Friday night at Pedro's! I still have no idea how either Paul or Mark a)woke up b)got on the boat c)didn't throw up.

We spent the whole day out there snorkeling and exploring - We all had a fantastic time, especially Molly. We slept well that night I can tell you!
Butt shot! Mols and I
Marky Mark
Land ahoy! Paul and Molly the pirate dog
Snorkeling Mark
Molly sniffed out land for us
The whole team
Dick pushing off at the sandbank
Running along sandbank
Muppet mucking aboutStill snorkeling and sunset

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