Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nicole and TV Tom get hitched

The bride and groom - you've been caked!
A very very serious bride

Good lord, I wish I could remember this wedding! It was definitely an adventure just getting there!
It was raining so hard that morning that my plans of buying a dress and some shoes nice and early were completely blasted out the water. At 1.45 pm I finally make a decision to brave the weather and head into town, the wedding being 2 miles south at 4pm. Frantic rushing around, trying on clothes (which I hate), trying on shoes (by this time I'm very vocal about how much I don't care what I have on my feet, Paul is shuffling round the shop getting shouted at also getting annoyed). We bump into a friends of ours at the same store, they are going to the same wedding, she has nothing to wear either and he is so pissed off he won't even go into the shop! lol. Why did we leave it to the last minute? Anyway, we rush home, shower and change. We zoom over to Ruth's house and she puts make up and jewelery on me - then a few of us meet at the Sandbar to convoy down south together so we can help each other out if some of us get stuck. Of course, that some of us was Paul and I. Robby came to the rescue, but we managed to pop the cart in reverse and bump backwards until it came loose from the mud. We arrived, safe, sound and in high spirits. We were late and had missed the "marrying" part - not a problem, the bride and groom were both there for that bit so all was well. A merry night (very merry for me...) was had by all. Here are the photos. We got stuck on the way home, had to abandon the golf cart. Thank you to the police sub-section of Mosquito Coast for towing us out and thank you very very much to Grant who took the pair of us home when we were blind drunk and arguing about why the golf cart got stuck (sorry Grant). The pictures are all jumbled up, but nevermind eh? Internet this morning is like pulling teeth - I shall post some more at a later date

Stuck in the puddle - Robby to the rescue

Bride and mum
Rubber duck, rubber duck, this is Pigpen - remember that film???? Convoy!
I look great with just one leg

Muppets on carts

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