Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ou es Cindy?????

Ummm it would seem that our Cindy has been so busy eating and drinking that she hardly has time to blog anymore, luckily for her Sharon is here kidnapping her blog to let all her worried friends and family know that she is fit and well. I do have some photos that I could post to prove it (mainly sat in bars drinking cocktails with me!) but seem to be having some trouble without her here to help so that will have to come later on! Mum Vigna we are all doing great the gang, including the four legged ones are all ok be it a bit wet but still smiling. My dad used to say you have two choices in life, either laugh or cry and we have done both of late but usually the crying comes in after all the laughing after all the drinking! The photos to follow of twinkle toes aka muppet Paul teaching us to dance in Pedro's on Friday night are priceless, ttfn.

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