Thursday, July 16, 2009

What`s going on?

So it`s been 5 months since Paul left me and life has been moving very fast. Things are good, really they are - after picking up the pieces after having a broken heart I`m actually very very happy.
I have my own place (with swimming pool), the pets are chilled out (Tacos live downstairs - so timeshare pets), I`m enjoying my job much more than I could ever imagine (shock horror - probably because I can drink beer in the pool) and of course there`s the whole John-Henry and Jeff combo - it`s a little like having Laurel and Hardy living with you but worse - these two speak much more!

Little John-Henry is currently in Honduras (of course he would leave here a week after a coup there, what a numpty) finishing up his Dive Master course and Jeff has returned to his fatherland to sign some papers - who knows when either will return? Ok so the house is quiet without them but by Jove! is it that much cleaner!

Paul kindly left me the external hard drive which had nearly 5 years of pictures and videos on it, even though it was near death, I got a new terabite hard drive and Alex from Caye Connect transferred all the data from the old one to the new one - which now that I`m without the boys, I`m looking through - hence the pictures of Molly and Basil when they were small - I started the blog when the pets were nearly 2.

So, just to warn you all, you might be seeing 2 years of old pictures coming up on the blog - TIMEWARP! I promise I will write in the title that it`s old stuff!

Thank you all for your patience, life has been really hectic! You can always catch up with me on Facebook too - I usually update that piece of c**p daily!
Mum: thanks for being my mum xxxxxxxx


dodgy said...

Hi Cinders,Nice to see you are still here...I thought you were all blogged out ! Congratulations on your wedding.... It looked like you had a wonderful day ! Keep in touch. Dodgy X

Michele in Playa said...

Looking good after all these years. Loving the old pics. Take care girl!