Thursday, July 16, 2009

When we were small by Molly and Basil

This is the day I got taken home from Saga by the giggling people, a snapshot taken just be Pedro`s InnThank goodness I grew into my earsMy mum put a step up to the deck because I was so small I couldn`t jump up the six inchesThis is Basil my cat and I sharing a cushion
Mum put her foot in the picture so we can all see how big we are
Basil and I looking out the screen door - we`re not allowed in the garden yet, but the giggling people soon let us play there
Asleep next to mum
Next to Basil in his shoe box
Basil killing Paul`s arm
Psycho killing kitten
See his tail? That`s before the racoons got it and Vet Heather had to amputate half of it
Teasing me when I`m asleep - no fair!
Remember puppies and kitties out there - smoking is bad for you
The beginning of my relationship with chewy sticks
Getting a bit bigger and at the beach - yeah! Did you know there are coconuts on the beach? I love coconuts!
Kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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