Saturday, September 26, 2009

1st annual Taste of Playa

Well, despite the rumours, we went up to Playa to support the Taste of Playa mega event that the wonderful Michelle Kinnon organised.
You can see real and gorgeous pictures on the website - on my blog, you can see what we really looked like.
We fried in the sun, stuffed our faces and drank far too much - I hit the wine stand like rocket! I doubt if that poor man will forget me.... anyway - it was brilliant, it was shiny, it was tasty and we LOVED IT!

Tacoboy - oh dear, it's still REAL early
Drinking in the sunshine - Phil and Marie
More drinking (notice the absence of food on the table....) JH and Peter
Sev on the other hand has most definitely found the food
Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat? A most unfortunate picture
Another photo comp - beer for the funniest comment - what the hell is he talking about?
Unfortunately, as dusk happened in is when I started to lose control and got very very naughty. I can post no more pictures and can't tell you the stories on the blog. However, meet me and I'll tell you over a glass of wine! They are pretty funny!

We've skipped to the next night - where a very tired Rob and Michelle join us for Sushi down in Little Italy. I had my first soy beans - they're fab!
Sev and Trouble loving those frogs
Sushi mmmmmm
Sev and Trouble hating those frogs
Oh dear, the night is starting to go wrong - JH has found a donkey and is just so very pleased with himself
and Yep
Off to the Mescal bar (where I drank water - si si! I was driving the next day....), right opposite OM (where I got thrown out of 2 nights previous, si si, I was not driving the next day....)

Monday morning, Phil is stressed out, I'm driving the van back. We load up, minus JH, Trouble, Sev, Mitch and Pedro. Two tired Tacos, two tired Geckos and myself toodle back to Belize. I drove until 80km before Chetumal and handed the wheel to Phil - aka the worst passenger ever.
We landed on the island and were greeted by Colette and Maya screaming "welcome home" over the fence as they drove past.
Tropic has put in this lovely new terminal, you'd think they could have made a better sign to meet n greet!
Bloody good trip - you know you've enjoyed yourself when your friends vote you "most likely to get arrested". I'm so proud.


Michele in Playa said...

OMG! We had such fun with you all here! Can't wait to get back to the island!!

Paul Jewitt said...

why do you keep posting such horrible photos of me!?! I'm starting to get a complex!