Monday, September 21, 2009

Crab claws anyone?

Trouble and the Little One were with me on the golf cart, off we go to Caribbean Villas to play at the beach with Molly. On our way down the beautiful little lane, Molly spots a very large crab and leaps off the cart.
We stop the cart and she's got the damn thing cornered by the back wheel. She's running round and round the cart barking - the crab, being pretty smart, decides to climb up the wheel and hide in a nook. We're stuck in the middle of the lane, all of us on all fours trying to get the crab out as we don't want to squash it by driving.
The Little One comes up with a great idea of trying to dislodge it with his flip-flop. The crab grabs hold of this so hard that when he pulls his flip-flop out, he's also got the crab's claw! oooops. Sorry Mr Crab.

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