Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ozzy Osbourne

My neighbour from downstairs came to me at about 7pm one night asking if I could look after a kitten for the night. I thought hard about Basil getting his nose out of joint, I thought hard about Molly eating and/or shaking the kitten to death. And thought "no". Then I saw it and said "of course I will". He (now found out she's a she) was tiny, about 3 weeks old - my neighbour found her by the school and decided he couldn't leave her there. He's allergic to cats (he sneezed for hours) and his Mrs doesn't particularly like them, plus they have a very boisterous new puppy and a 3-year old....
Ozzy Osbourne I named her as she was very very loud and rather wobbly on her legs. I went to see her today at SAGA, she has been named Carly and needs a home. She has lovely stripey legs and a spotty tummy and is oh so ever so slightly cross-eyed!
Sitting in her dinner

Basil not very impressed at allShe didn't even fill my hand!

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