Wednesday, July 9, 2008

OUCH - Don't even look at me, it hurts!

Whose idea was this anyway? It's day 4 of the diet and now we are four people doing it. Balti the IT guy at Banyan Bay has joined us, as, in his own words, he admitted "I love cake" and it's starting to show!
I am exercising and I ache all over - I know this will soon stop and I'll feel great and be full of energy, but right now I feel like a sloth that's been hit by a bus.
I have a beginners DVD for target toning which I actually enjoy doing. I take Molly on a 2 mile walk from home to Fido's Sandbar and back and this morning I read and started a PACE program that my neighbour Doc Fisher gave me months ago. This is what has taken the wind out of my sails today - and I do mean that literally! This program (very very basically) is about short spurts of supra aerobic exercise and then adequate recovery time. So, to start myself off today, I ran up and down my stairs 4 times, then walked to recover, then repeated 10 more times. I was out of puff, panting and nearly sweated my bikini off!
I have been eating well since the start - I'm only 5"2" and cannot lose too much weight - I basically want to shape up and fit into my clothes comfortably. So, my "dieting" is basically healthy eating in a "Slimmers World" style - it makes watching what I eat easy, tasty and I'm never hungry. And thank you to everyone who is supporting us!

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