Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I now dub you Sir Pipi

I found a puppy late at night, freezing, shivering and in a very big thunderstorm. This is how Molly was found, so I decided to give a cold and scared little ball of fur a safe haven for the night.

I wrapped him in a T-shirt and took him home, neither Molly nor Basil were overly impressed but they put up with him! He's half the size of Basil!

He got fed, put on a comfy blanket and snoozed in safety and warmth. The next morning I fed him again, renamed him Mr Pipi (he must have drank his weight in water and then proceeded to water my living room floor, everywhere!) and put him back where I found him. He looked puzzled when I dropped him off but started sniffing around and recognized his surroundings.

See you soon Mr Pipi!

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