Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beer beer beer

Sunday, the day after Sunjam - more beer

Dinghy - our noble steed to get from the boat to more beer
(for some reason, they never let me steer claiming that trying to learn how to steer a boat in the dark when drunk was not sensible)
Babablu bar - made out of sticks and fairy lights - my kind of place
Sunset view from Babalu
Aching feet from zombie dancing for hours
Life Guard Beer
Run out of fags - need to go to boat to get more
Starfish at Babalu

Serious conversation faces - and lots of beer
Now that's what we call a bell!
I tried to ring it hard enough that you could hear it at Pedros
Beer sign
Imperial beer
Beer beer beer
mmmmmmmmmm beer - I'm off for a Lighthouse - see you later


Ruthie said...

Wow, great adventure Cindy. Thanks for sharing.

megmimi222 said...

Hi Cindy !!!
Good to know your blog !
I saved your photo in my PC in Japan ^ LOVE !!! Emico