Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SunJam Utila 2009 - 13th edition

So, the Sunjam is basically a rave - most of the kids that were there were being born when I was at the first raves as a teenager! I hid behind my sunglasses all night.

I left the boys after having had dinner at Babalu, insisting that I would be fine and would find my way back to the boat. The plan of action was that if I couldn't find JH I would find them in one of three bars or be back in the wee hours of the morning. Either way, I assured them I would be just fine.

They looked like a pair of Dads and then agreed that I was old enough to look after myself.

Walked down to the other end of the island and found the entrance, paid my 40USD to get in, got given a pretty green bracelet. Electronic music is blaring out and the video screens have got my attention. I order a beer at the bar and start hunting down JH. I did a full circuit. No JH. No problem, I knew this was a possibility. I'm just about to go back to the bar to get another beer and there he is! Little one! He looks at me with a puzzled look on his face then he realises it's me. YAY PARTAAAAAAAAAY. 10 hours of drunken zombie dancing later and little one has to go home. I managed to out-party a 23-year old by 90 minutes. I'm still proud of myself lol.

Next thing, it's 8am, the sun is in the sky and the Twice as Nice is in the middle of the harbour. I stagger (yes, lots of Cuba Libre does that) to Altons dive center and ask if I can hitch a ride on the next dive boat to the Cat - they deem I'm too inebriated to be on the boat. Bugger. Walking around and some young bad boys are hanging out, they heckle me with the "hey lady, where you goin'?" and I answer "um, trying to get to that boat out there" - one of the bad boys calls his grandad and asks him to take me to the boat. When did bad boys become gentlemen? Anyway, a huge thank you to Cpt Hal for taking a silly drunk girl back to a boat. I woke Peter up by talking/giggling. The boys waited up for me til 4.30am and were also rather pickled.
I swam (not yet poo thirty) and swam trying to sober up, but I fell asleep at the bow and got super sunburn - with my hand on my stomach - so I now have an interesting handprint on my tummy, a little like the Cosquer caves!
A rather hungover little one - we slept a few hours and continued the beer onslaught.
Looking wistful? Enigmatic? No just a bloody big hangover, no sleep and mystery Utila flu virus. BTW, your Mummy is wondering if you have swine flu....

What a great night. Felt like I was 17 again.

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