Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Want to come sailing?

So it's Sunday, my day off and I'm drinking beer with my friends at Crazy Canuks on the beach. I see Peter from Caribbean Villas, meet his friend Mike and then Peter says "I'm sailing to Utila on Friday, want to come?"
Such an innocent little question that led to so much fun!
I immediately said yes, not thinking through the whole plan, such as "who will do my job for me" and "who will look after my pets". Problems looked after on the spot by Pedro and the Tacos. OK, so I'm all fit to go. I pack up my little green backpack, kiss Molly and Basil goodbye and sidle up to the dock on Friday morning, 6.30am ready for my first ever sailing trip. And from that point on is when everything went pants.

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