Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Round and about in town

Ok, so it looks like Caye Caulker but with a road.

A pirate in a bed floating around? What the F?
Out diving with the little one (he's behind me)

Little one in an official capacity - sorting out gear at Utila Dive Center

SURPRISE! OK, so I went down to surprise JH, I knew he was doing the end of his DiveMaster course at UDC, so after our epic bumpy journey, we clean up and walk straight to the dive shop so I can yell "surprise" at him. JH isn't there. BUT my ex Paul is. SURPRISE!!!! I don't know whose surprised face was best, mine or his. Looking back it's very funny though. Paul is doing videography for UDC. At some stage on the boat I did say to Tweedeldum and Tweedeldee that I bet the first person I would see on the island would be Paul and I was right. Funny indeed. Anyway, no JH and that night is the SunJam music festival - see next post!

This is Joti - JH's girly

Brian from Babalu

If anyone (not those that were with me of course) can tell me what this is a picture of - I'll buy you a drink!

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