Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cherie does San Pedro

Yes, yes, I know, you ALL know that my mum is here.
However, Thursday was my day off and for once, I actually took a day off!
Mum and I walked Molly from home along the beach and we had breakfast at Estelle's. Molly harassed us with her coconuts, every time she found one, I'd hide it on the table, so she'd go off and find another one. By the end of breakfast we had over 6 coconuts next to the salt, and the people at the neighbouring table thought we were slightly weird.
On our walk back home, we had to stop at BC's because we were just so very thirsty.....where we met up with Ruth, Ronnie and Glynnis.
After that, we walked to Caribbean Villas where we bumped into Ruth, Ronnie and Glynnis - funny that!
We quickly borrowed their buggy, shot home, grabbed our beach attire and spent the afternoon at the Catamaran Bar, sunning ourselves by the pool and drinking Margaritas.
A rather hungover Sharon joined us for a short while, as did Paul.
That was all I did! A first!
We then walked home, played rummy and drank a bottle of wine (or two), giggling the night away.
A perfect day off me thinks. I like it when Cherie does San Pedro, as Cindy does normal stuff she should be doing here anyway - instead of just working.

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