Sunday, December 28, 2008


OK, so it's already the 28th of December....blablaba. I've been busy! Christmas parties all over the place, drinking and making merry - no time to blog.

Hope you all had a good one, "Sad Bastards" christmas day party was the best yet! 70 people dressed to the nines with only fun on their minds. Thank you Pedro for being Pedro, thank you Walter for cooking for HOURS!!!!! Thank you Chris and Grant for being the masters of secret santa, thank you Hilda for being the responsible adult and locking the bar up, and thank all the rest of you for being so much fun.
We drank and danced the night away, some just drank's your head mum?
You will have to check Sharon's blog for photos, as I only took one picture all day, of mum posed on the poker table waiting for a ride home. Very elegant!Molly, rather scared of her antlersBasil, not at all impressed with his antlers

Couldn't wrangle the antlers onto mum whilst she was lying on the poker table outside the bar at 1am...... glass of wine anyone?

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