Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Green eyed muppet

I'm listening to the Killers, drinking a glass of wine (thanks to the Doster/Stokely family CHEERS!) and thinking how good life is (skint is never a major affair) and I suddenly realised that this time next week I will be in England.
So I just gently reminded Paul that I would be eating real chips out of newspaper with vinegar, going for a serious curry, running round London being trendy (more like pretending to be 18 again). None of this phased him. Then I reminded him how we met in the first place, and he got rather upset. I will be drinking pints and pints of Guinness next week.
I gatecrashed Paul's birthday party a fair few years ago, I rolled up with bottles of Champagne (as you do) and then drank all his Guinness, which he still hasn't forgiven me for. Oh well!Don't forget kids, Guinness is good for you, the Toucan said so!

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