Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Times are hard

Christmas is over, and after splurging for mum to come over, vast quantities of booze, baskets full of goodies from Wine de Vine, I am now officially skint.
I have just got home from work and looked in the fridge. It's a sad affair. I am the condiment queen.
Nobody at the resort wants me to book them in to look at the property, and I have failed miserably for nearly 2 weeks straight. I'm not sure whether to blame this on me wanting to drown Paul in his cornflakes, my mum being here, me trying to get back to England, or just that the guests are here with their families for a super time over the holiday period and don't have their heads anywhere near buying property.
So, Paul and I are living off a diet of liquorice allsorts, champagne and peanuts. Is there any major food group in there?

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