Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We all have our strong points....

this is Sharon's favourite line.
Usually when she's asking me to do something anywhere near a computer, when she finishes the line "we all have our strong points, and this isn't one of mine".
I have over the past week found things I'm incapable of doing, but Sharon is Queen at.
That girl can wrap a Christmas present like nobody else. Anyone that knows me well, knows I cannot even wrap a sandwich.
And, bless her, she proved this morning that she can outbeat anyone in a hangover.
This morning was the worst I have ever seen her.
She came to work, took her timeshare tour, said "bye, lovely to see you" - looked at me, and exclaimed "oh no, i'm going to throw up", ran to the loo, and did exactly what she said she'd do.
I will let her tell you all the stories of last night herself. Otherwise, I'll get beaten for gossiping. hehehehehehehehehehe.

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Boydies Belize Blog said...

Oh my dear you are in soooo much trouble for that one believe me! Cheers for telling the world about my off day! Take care we missed you for an hour and by the way you have tours and sales coming out of your ears! LOL