Sunday, January 4, 2009

Donde esta Cindy?

Hola amigos, soy en Mexico hoy con mi amigo Sharky y su hija Skylar.
Right, I shall continue in English otherwise you'll be having to get your dictionaries out (or I can't quite do much more Spanish than that).
I got a ride in THE van, the one that Pedro and his mates take when they go to Mexico.
In front of me are good Peter and bad Peter, a very smooth ride - thank you Mr Lawrence. Oh, except of course when he reversed into the taxi. Very funny indeed. Many buckets of Bohemia beer later, I go off to join Sharky and we meet up with our Peters a bit later. Have stomped round Fifth Avenue (makes you feel really overweight - I remember why I was 100 lbs when I lived here), Siesta Fiesta, the Dirty Martini bar, Beer Bucket (not like it used to be, soooo sad) and finished the night off where the Corto Maltes used to be, a very trendy bar indeed.
Have bumped into friends which is great.
Sharky is now at the gym pumping up his muscles. I'm off to meet the Kinnon family a little later and spend the day at the beach - bliss!
Have fun gang!This is the sum of my suitcase for a month in the UK (except I didn't take the cat)
The taxi parked in front of the "NO PARKING" sign, right in Pedro's blindspot - luckily the van is fully comp. Of course, Pedro's idea of dealing with this is to shout at the Mexican taxi driver very loudly in EnglishOops, nothing that a decent plunger can't fixAh, beer for breakfastI'm riding in style thanks to the two Peters. THANK YOU GUYS, it was really a lot of funPlaya at last!
Oh yes, a very happy girl
A pair of Peters admiring the view on the beachOne of the Peter's definitely thinks he's in with a chance, the other one was begging for me to get him out of there. I'll let you decide which is which.
The lovely Magali, back from Switzerland

Sharky groping random ladies in bars - nothing has changed there.

Jimmy! One of my favourite people here.

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