Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ou-est Cindy?

We're in Peillon in the south of France with my brother!
Having trouble with the AZERTY keyboard!
The house is still under construction still but looks great!
Am being bitched at by family members for blogging!!!! Have to go to Monaco - see you later

Here we are at Gatwick airport again......

We've made it to my brother's house in Peillon - high above the valley in the middle of nowhere. Mum has decided to try the "Tour de France"
My bro - no speedos luckily


mmmmmmmm salmon tartare zwith smoked salmon too

The pool - see how high up we are

I hate hairpin bends - and trust me, these really are!

Sitting on the garden wall

Chat chat, my bro's 19 year old moggy

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