Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Hampsons! It's just like the Waltons but in Sonning Common

After jetting around the South of France, we decided to zoom around the South of England.
Off to sunny Sonning Common to see Paul's family.
Arthur in a red jumper (quite rare to see him in colours apprently) - he's just got back from the Friday lunch at the rugby club... Penny and crumpets!

Here is the newest addition to the family - this is Ruby, Paul's latest niece
Penny, Ruby and Eleanor
Jack - the girls' big brother. He's soooo very good with his sisters, a lovely young man!
Here is Nikki - Paul's younger sister, and mum to these three cheeky monkies
Her husband Shaun
Eleanor shows me her badges they she has got from Rainbows - it's like the girl guides
A very cheeky Ruby

A girl after my own heart - she likes to try to drink her daddy's Guinness!
Pile up!

I was so very very pleased to meet these guys properly - last time I met them was at Paul's 40th birthday party, where I didn't know anybody (ok - so I gatecrashed....) and definately didn't know they would become part of my family!
So we all know mum has a drinking problem - everytime she tries to drink water (see above) she throws it over herself
Arthur cooking duck (yummm - oh, by the way, Sharon, I've gained 4kg!)

Penny slaving over hot veggies The newly decorated dining room
A bunch of muppets
And this is a special photo for muppet 2 - your dad and I drinking port together and tucking into the stilton!
My absolute favourite photo (sorry Arthur) - 4 bottles of wine and some port later, Arthur crashed in a major way - glasses askew
Thanks all you Hampsons - mum and I had a great time - see you soon

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